I made a mistake when calculating my March investment income

I was just reviewing my records and realized that I made a (relatively large) mistake when calculating my March 2017 passive income.

Specifically, I forgot to include the dividend from my 401k (which is totally invested in a S&P 500 index fund).  This was a fairly large oversight, as I received $2,199.85 on March 31. In my defense, the number didn’t actually post to my account until the next day, by which point I’d already pulled my numbers).

This increased my March dividend income to $7,554.65 and my total passive income for March to $9,156.87. The annualized income based on the last 6 months was $59,709.56.

I guess if you make a mistake you’d rather it be this kind of mistake rather than realizing you made LESS money than originally thought, right?


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