Investment Income – January, 2017

I always love reading blogs about other investors’ investment income. Watching other people’s passive income rise is my second favorite thing (the only thing better is watching our passive income rise!)

This report includes income from dividends and our rental properties. Although we don’t own any now, if we have other sources of passive income in the future (CDs, bonds, etc.) I’ll include them here as well.

MOAltria Group Inc$363.36
DEDeere & Company$168.86
ITWIllinois Tool Works Inc.$128.99
MDTMedtronic PLC$147.68
NKENike Inc$72.07
PMPhilip Morris International Inc.$268.50
VMMXXMoney Market$15.80
Loyal 3$39.73
Total Dividends$1,204.99
Rental Properties
4 properties owned 50%$442.26
4 properties owned 100%$1,025.73
Total rental income$1,467.99
Total Income
Total passive income$2,672.98
Annualized annual income from last 3 months$67,067.56

Dividend Income


This wasn’t a very interesting month from a dividend perspective. The first month of a quarter is always the lowest. This month we had $1,204.99 in dividends compared to a total of $10,941.76 in December!

I purchased some more Nike stock in December, so that number will be significantly higher in April (the next time Nike pays a dividend).

I continue to be amazed at the amount of profits pumped out by the cigarette businesses. Altria and Philip Morris are absolute cash cows.

Rental income

This category includes net income from the 4 rental properties that my wife and I own, plus 50% of the income from 4 rental properties that we own with my mom.

This number does not include appreciation of the properties or the decrease in the mortgage balance.

Another month where all the properties are firing on all cylinders. We had no maintenance issues at any of the 8 properties and they are all occupied. This is the maximum monthly income we can expect from the properties at the current rents.

Total passive income

Dividend + rental income = $2,672.98

Annualized passive income based on last 3 months of income = $67,067.56

(note: I calculate the annualized number by adding up the last 3 months of passive income and multiplying by 4).

This was a solid month. Our goal is to have $120,000/year in passive income before I quit my job. These numbers put us just over halfway there. If we saved and invested no additional money I would expect to hit $120,000 in passive income in about 10 years just from the growth of our existing investments.

My goal is to hit that number in 5 years by aggressively adding to our investments.


How did everybody else do with their passive income this month?

12 thoughts on “Investment Income – January, 2017

  1. Nice haul in a month! I essentially only have CD’s and index funds to bring in passive income, so my amounts are relatively low. I’m hoping to get into a larger share in 2017 and beyond!

  2. MC,
    Really impressive numbers here. January is a small dividend month for me to. I like how you estimate based on the past quarter. My guess is you’re going to hit your 5 year goal in less than 5 years. Your money is really compounding now. That’s excellent passive income.

    1. I’d be very happy to hit that 5-year mark a few years early. And you’re right – once the money gets compounding it feels like it just explodes. Day to day it feels like nothing is happening, but then when you look back a few years you can barely believe how far you’ve come.

  3. I looked around for you portfolio, I see that you divulge stocks on a monthly dividend format. I was wondering how many total different stocks do you hold in your dividend portfolio. I sometimes wonder if I have too many (76)

    1. I have about 20 individual stocks. Personally, I don’t think I could monitor many more than that. 76 seems like WAY too many stocks. At that point you’re essentially running your own mutual fund. Why do you have so many?

  4. Hey,

    Your net worth is awesome!
    I was looking at your december dividend income. I have never seen such a huge dividend income result. Respect!

    Why i write this comment:
    I have a blog too, and I am always looking for some inspirational investors to look up at them.
    Thats why I write every month a blogpost about the income of the community members. Its called the community edition.
    May I include your income posts to my list?

    My blog is in german but in the right sidebare there is a google translate button.

    thanks for sharing!
    best regards froms Austria

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