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I do a LOT of business travel. For the last 10 years I’ve averaged somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000 miles per year. I routinely visit Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, India, Costa Rica, Spain, and most of the major cities in the Western US.

For those of you who have never had to do much business travel that probably sounds pretty sexy. After all, what could be better than seeing new places, trying new foods, and having the company pay for it all, right?

Well, the reality is that just about anywhere is fun the first time you visit. You visit the major tourist sites.  You eat at great restaurants. Everything is new. But by the 10th time you visit it’s not nearly as fun.

At this point I go from the airport to the hotel to the customer site to the hotel and back to the airport. It’s painfully boring.

So, from this point on I plan on announcing when I’ll be visiting various locations around the world, with the hope of meeting up with locals readers of my blog!

Current location – Singapore

I arrived in Singapore yesterday (Tuesday morning local time) and I fly out on Friday morning. If you’re in Singapore let me know – coffee or drinks are on me!


5 thoughts on “Currently in Singapore

    1. I’m here in Singapore on business.

      Singapore is actually a great place to visit – it’s warm, it’s safe, the food is great, it’s clean, and there’s tons of stuff to do. The main issues are that it’s a 16.5 hour flight from San Francisco to get here, and once you’re here there’s a 15 hour (or 9 hour, depending on how you look at it) time difference, which means sleep is tough.

  1. Hi. Found your blog and enjoy reading it. Will follow your journey. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the stock picking and which stocks to ignre. I am also trying to find some promising undervalued companies with good growth potential (of course, it would be great to find a type of Starbucks of the 1990s, but this is the same as hitting a lottery:). As the market is extremely overvalued, it is very difficult to find some companies and to enter the market at this stage. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on which stocks you think might make sense even in this market.

  2. Gary – thanks for the kind words. I’m working on a post now that addresses this very question, but the short answer is that there aren’t many areas of the market that I think are interesting right now. Maybe oil stocks, maybe some financial stocks, but that’s it.

    Personally, I’m investing NO new money in the market today. I’m going to hoard cash and wait for better valuations.

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